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The Validation and Celebration of Seniors

I moved into an assisted living building…as an office tenant. The seniors taught me a lot.

You can look at someone and know they have a story to tell and take the time to get to know them. Or, you can make a benign comment about the weather and never learn anything. I was curious.

Seniors blossom when talking about careers, family and hobbies. I discovered authors, artists, aviation and military experts, teachers, political advisors, reporters and world travelers.

Talking about your life is validation. Hearing someone’s story can be inspiring and heartwarming.

You’ve never witnessed a smile on a senior like one when they have been complimented on how they look. I helped open a gift/thrift shop for senior residents (men/women) and volunteer there once a week. Laughter fills the room, people love the bargains and glow from looking good. They turn shopping into celebrations when visitors and family members join in.

Don’t we all need validation and celebration in our lives? It only takes a few minutes to make a meaningful connection with a senior. Start up a conversation, get involved. You will both be glad you did.

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