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Tips for Seeking Services for Your Parents

Always telephone before visiting a service organization, so you can be certain that the organization actually provides the service you need. If they do, you'll want them to explain the most efficient way of using their service, if that is recommended.

Keep pen and paper handy during the phone call. Be sure to record the name of the staff member with whom you speak. You may want to call back for clarification. Also, referrals are common. One organization may suggest contacting individuals in other organizations and you'll want to be able to jot down this information.

Prepare a brief, precise statement describing your need. The clearer you are about the help you are seeking, the more likely you will be to get the proper information and assistance.

Be ready to share important information. If you are contacting agencies such as Social Security and Veterans' Affairs, you may save time if you have your social security number or military service number handy.

Start Planning Now
You can start to make plans for new relationships and living arrangements several years before you retire. Begin making new contacts by participating in groups in which the members share your interests. Start exploring housing options and make a list of the most important facts you discover. And become acquainted with the community services offered in you area, or wherever you plan to live in retirement.

Remember, retirement can be the best time of your life...if you plan it that way.

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