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10 Ways to Start Boomer Proofing Your Home

  1. Clear the Way - Adjust your furniture to allow a clear 36” passageway throughout your home. An adequate walkway will add to both your comfort and safety.
  1. Slip & Slide - Throw rugs and other area rugs should have a non-skid backing or non-slip additional backing sheet to help stabilize walking surfaces.
  1. Hold On - Sturdy handrails should be installed on both sides of all stairways to aid with balance when climbing or descending stairs.
  1. Custom Kitchen Delivery - Kitchen cabinet doors and drawers with knobs should be re-fitted with pulls for ease of gripping and opening.
  1. Knock, Knock - Round or ball shaped door hardware should be replaced with lever design door hardware for ease of gripping and operating doors.
  1. I Can See Clearly Now - Adjust both ambient and task lighting levels to help eliminate shadows and improve clarity in reading and working areas.
  1. Night Owl - Standard wall light switches should be changed to an illuminated light switch. This will help you to avoid fumbling for the light switch at night.
  1. Steady as She Goes - Install grab bars at all tubs, showers and toilets to help with balance and aid stability.
  1. Heir to the Throne - Replace your standard toilet with an elongated, comfort height, water saving model. This will add to your comfort and reduce your water bill.
  1. Splish Splash - Replace your standard kitchen and bath faucets with a temperature controlled, water saving, lever handled model. This will keep you from getting scalded, save you money and enable the easy of gripping and faucet operation.

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