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Ten Quick Tips to Prevent Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Did you know slip-and-fall accidents account for more than one million injuries in the United States per year and are the leading cause of injury deaths among older adults? Slip-and-fall accidents can affect every age and occur in any environment – including your own home.

Below is a list of ten easy ways to avoid such accidents while you are at home or out and about:

  1. Put a handrail in your bathtub or shower.
  2. If you have a slanted or slippery driveway, use salt in the winter or sprinkle some kitty litter for greater traction.
  3. Remove rugs that are bunched around the home to prevent a hazardous environment. If you must have them, stretch or re-lay carpet or rugs.
  4. Clean up cluttered work or play areas around the house.
  5. Instead of using a chair, stool, or box to reach items in high places, use a small stepladder.
  6. Have good lighting in generally dark areas.
  7. When at a place of business, always be aware of wet floor signs and adhere to them
  8. Buy shoes with soft rubber soles. They are great for traction.
  9. When at home, wipe up all spills immediately. Everyone’s busy, but if a spill goes unattended for too long, it can become a forgotten hazard.
  10. Most importantly, slow down and take your time. Walking too fast or running can cause major problems. By taking it slow, you’re more able to assess certain environments for possible hazards.

If you are looking for care for an older adult, consider Adult Day Care. Whether it is for the occasional visit or for regular intervals while you are working, occupied with other commitments and activities, or if you need respite, they can provide you with an affordable option

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