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Checking Off Advanced Planning From Your To Do List!

I was drinking my morning coffee, planning my day, and wondering what the best way to get my message out would be when it hit me! The message is already out; I just have to get people to think about it. So I ask you, what do grocery lists, to-do lists, “successful” anniversary dates, vacations, and retirement have in common? PLANNING AHEAD, that’s what!

Who hasn’t gone to the grocery store hungry and without a list? What happens? You buy and spend a lot more than you planned AND when you are putting away the groceries, there are more sweets and snacks than “meal” food.

Have you ever been on a vacation that wasn’t well planned? It probably is not going to make your top-ten list of good times. And you wouldn’t even dream about retiring without a well thought out, strong, and solid financial plan would you?

Yes, we do a great job planning and protecting ourselves for what may happen (e.g. planning our day, looking toward the future), but the one thing I know most people don’t plan for is the one thing they need to have on their “To-Do” list. Because unfortunately, the last time I checked, the death rate for all of us is still 100%. Oh people do ‘think’ about it when someone dies, especially if they are making funeral arrangements because they have to.

But fortunately for us, if we know more about the advantages and benefits of advance funeral planning, for many of us, it would finally make it on our “To-Do” list. For some of us who already have it on our “To-Do’” list, it would motivate us to finally cross it off our list as “task completed”. To be certain, advance funeral planning has become more popular with consumers, and for good reason. And let me share that reason with you. When a consumer meets with their Advance Funeral Planner today (which has to be a licensed Funeral Director in Pennsylvania), they are getting together to conduct a “business transaction”.

A “business transaction”??? Yep! Too many people don’t want to talk about their funeral plan ahead of time for obvious, but usually wrong, reasons. Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”? Well, it’s safe to say, this is something you need to have. But think about it: no one has died (especially you), no one is ‘forced into’ having to make over 125 decisions, alone, within 12-36 hours of losing someone very close and significant to them. A “business transaction” is not an emotional necessity but a beneficial win-win decision. It is something that allows you to focus on the value it has for you. Now the benefits and value of advance funeral planning are too many to be shared in this article and are best discussed one-on-one with your advance funeral planner, because everyone’s plan is unique and tailored to what’s important to them. However, I will share some of the reasons people are advance funeral planning today:



Of course there are many more benefits, but as you can see, everyone benefits from advance funeral planning. People who benefit the most are those who are healthy and enjoying life, not necessarily the person who needs to ‘spend down’ assets to qualify for Medicaid assistance. The best time to get together with your Advance Funeral Planner is after you’ve gotten any children through college, your mortgage is paid off or close to it, and before you retire. If you have already retired and have not yet set up your Irrevocable Funeral account, seek out your Advance Funeral Planner to find out more. Remember, in Pennsylvania, your planner must be a licensed funeral director, and meeting with your planner should not obligate you to making an immediate decision. And most of all, remember, it is a business transaction and one you won’t regret making.

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