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Helping Seniors Beat the Heat

Hot, hazy, humid, heat wave; all words that we have heard during past summers and will no doubt here them more in the coming months. It is no secret that the northeast have had an unseasonably warm winter and spring and this bizarre weather is predicted to bring a steamy summer. For some this means summer time fun at the beach, BBQ’s and the quintessential lazy days of summer. However, for the seniors in our communities this is a daunting time of year challenging their bodies and resources.

Seniors are at a greater risk to suffer consequences due to dangerous heat for a variety of reasons. As we age our temperature receptors within our skin begin to change and are less likely to notice an extreme change in body temperature. This makes hot days particularly dangerous as a senior who is becoming dangerously overheated is less likely to sense the extreme temperature change within the body. Older adults frequently have doctor’s appointments, shopping and errands to see to during the course of a day and hot summer days makes these activities nearly impossible. Many no longer drive and rely on friends, family or services to help them to their appointments and errands. If the weather is too unbearable the necessary errands and tasks will not get accomplished leaving medical matters unfulfilled and the refrigerator empty.

In order to help keep the older adults of our community safe during intense summer days here are some tips.

The summer months can be beautiful and a time of leisure activities and fun for many. Older adults while at an increased risk of problems from the heat can enjoy the summertime too by protecting oneself and having resources and companions available.

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