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Motorcoach tours are an increasingly popular way of escaping the humdrum of everyday. They also provide an unusual, unique and uplifting getaway that both rekindles and refreshes the mind and the spirit. Think for a moment: Wouldn't you like to spend some time in an Amish farming community and watch how the simple life has been carried on for centuries? Or, how about immersing yourself in the artifacts and battlefield landmarks that are American history? Or, even spend a few hours—maybe a few profitable ones—in one of the casinos that abound in Michigan?

Wherever you and your group decide to go a motorcoach tour is an ideal way to create experiences that will outlast the day, as author Chesterton noted. For it is not only what you experience, but what you bring back in the form of impressions, information, memories and knowledge to enrich the days after. And in many cases, new friends as well as old.

What an array of choices there are! Art museums and architectural wonders. The stations and hiding places along the Underground Railroad. Churches and religious shrines, theatres and shows, native American burial grounds and the hangouts of Detroit's infamous Purple Gang. Even themed tours for many of our national holidays.

All of this and more are available on motorcoach tours, plus "custom designed" events for specific groups like religious and alumni associations.

One of the advantages of motorcoach tours is that all of the chores are taken care of by competent pre-planners who will plan your tour right down to meal stops. Plus, experienced professional drivers and friendly, knowledgeable tour hosts who will fill you and your group in on all the facts, lore and fun of the places you'll visit. Also, you'll find that fully equipped and roomy motorcoach touring, with their own rest rooms and loads of space, is the affordable, convenient way to go.

Getting started is as easy as contacting your local senior center or tour company. They'll have lots of free handouts, tips and information plus contacts to help you plan an event you and your group will long remember.

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