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A Guide to Pre-Planning

Most of us make plans everyday of our lives. We purchase event tickets in advance, we plan and save for vacations long before we take them, and we schedule health and dental care appointments regularly. We also purchase insurance to cover our home and automobiles and health care coverage to help pay in the event of injuries or illnesses.

All of these things represent wise decisions. Today, more and more people are making the additional wise decision to plan for the inevitable. Every year an increasing number of Americans plan their funeral and cremation services before they die. The Maryland State Funeral Directors Association supports advanced planning and advance funding because of the overall benefits to the individuals who plan ahead and to their Ioved ones.

Decisions that are to be Made
You most likely will find that whether you want a simple service or an elaborate ceremony, many choices need to be made when you die. There are three major groups of decisions that need to be made: Final Disposition, Ceremony, and Merchandise.

Here are just a few examples of the many decisions that need to be made:
Someone needs to decide on the method of final disposition. Are you are going to be buried or cremated? If you are going to be buried, which cemetery do you prefer? Or do you prefer to be placed in a mausoleum? If you want to be cremated, do you want your remains buried, scattered, or placed in a columbarium? Would you like to have a visitation; and if so, would you like the body to be present or not?

Whether you want to be buried or cremated, what kind of service or ceremony is needed? Will the ceremony precede or fallow final disposition? Will the ceremony be religious or not? Who will speak at the ceremony? How will the ceremony reflect the unique person that you are? How will the ceremony help your loved ones close their relationship with you?

What kind of merchandise is needed to carry out the method of final disposition and ceremony? Do you want a wood casket or metal casket? Do you even want or need a casket? What about a burial vault? What kind of memorial merchandise is needed?

Seek Professional Consultation
Even in a do it yourself world, there is always an appropriate time to seek professional consultation. A funeral professional can offer valuable insight into the memorialization process and guide you toward making decisions that are appropriate far you and your family. Your funeral professional also will offer advice on how to make sure your wishes are followed.

Select an Appropriate Funding Option
in Consultation with Your Funeral Professional

Your funeral professional offers products specifically designed for advanced funeral funding. These products are designed to fit the unique needs of each person and after maximum assurance that the money will be there when it is needed.

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