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Five Ways to Revitalize Your Boomer Retirement

The seventy-six million population of Baby Boomers in the United States are now starting to enter the retirement scene with the last of this demographic moving into the retirement stages by 2030. As such, retirement will be re-defined by this new demographic who will blend together opportunities from the middle age and retirement phases of life. Retirement will no longer be associated with “the golden years” with themes relating to rest, deceleration, and withdrawal. Instead, Boomers will spend the second half of their lives living in vitality as they strike the perfect balance between leisure as well as purpose in life. Retirement is an exciting time to fulfill dreams and explore new facets of self that may have not been possible earlier during the restrictive years of building careers as well as maintaining families. The following includes five ways that people can revitalize their retirement.

1) Realize That Destiny Still Has An Appointment With You!
Now consider for a moment that our talents, interests, and passions in life bring us closer to our destinies. Imagine that each of us has a higher purpose or calling and that if we fulfilled our potential to our greatest that we would satisfy our individual destiny. In many cases our destinies become interrupted because we have to work for our incomes, raise a family, or carry out other responsibilities. Therefore retirement becomes an opportune time to make an appointment with destiny by exploring new sides of ourselves and re-connecting with our passions or interests as we set goals towards newfound accomplishments.

2) Grab A Mitt And Get Back In The Game Of Life!
All of us as people have a choice of whether or not we will “grab a mitt” and be emotionally connected to the game of life. An important part of “being in life” is to become involved on deeper emotional levels because the only option is to sit from the sidelines watching “life pass us by.” One of the ways that people retreat from life emotionally is to be distracted by negative states or emotions. As result, such individuals spend more time “commenting on life” than they do actually enjoying or “living life.” Chances are that as people get older that they will have to deal with the karma of their decisions made earlier in life with the results being higher cholesterol levels, increased blood pressure, inevitable ailments brought on by genetics, etc. If individuals are not careful then they can take an emotional time-out from the game of life by immersing themselves into fear as well as negativity about potential or even real health difficulties in themselves as well as others. Therefore another way of revitalizing retirement is to focus on the positives and stay connected to people, places, and things in life rather than disconnecting or emotionally withdrawing through negativity as well as self-pity.

3) Do Your Emotional Housecleaning!
By the time some of us reach the retirement years, we have collected an entire lifetime of emotional issues that are unresolved. Just as our outside physical homes and environments need housecleaning, so do our inner emotional selves. This process can be referred to as emotional housecleaning or soul cleaning. Many people need to get rid of the emotional garbage and old issues that have been holding them back from being happy in life. Some of us are collecting bags of resentment, anger, fear/insecurities, regrets, blame, self-pity, that only become larger as well as dustier if carried through an entire lifetime. Then there are others who hold very unhelpful and limiting ideas or core beliefs about their own abilities as well as expectations in life. As a result, some people just keep repeating the same old patterns of reacting to situations in certain ways with the result being even further resentments or even unresolved anger.

There are even people who walk through life waiting to become happy. They feel like they will be happy when some type of expectation is fulfilled. The problem is that such individuals can sit for long periods of time in life waiting to become happy. Instead, with emotional housecleaning and resolution of issues in life, these same people can start to recognize that happiness comes from within and that all individuals are responsible for creating their own happiness in life. If people do not take time to clear the clutter (unresolved anger and emotional issues) weighing on their hearts, then they may never experience real or long sustaining happiness. When individuals make a decision to do some emotional housecleaning either through deep self-reflection or in some cases with counselling or life coaching support, then they can revitalize their retirements by living in the solution and not the problems of life.

4) Focus on Wellness!
“Everyone is a house with four rooms; a physical, a mental, an emotional, and a spiritual. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time, but unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person.” (An Indian Proverb)

As people we are healthiest, when we are “living in dimension.” This means that we focus on improving all aspects of ourselves such as the physical, mental, social, spiritual, emotional sides that we may be ignoring. Therefore the aim is to set goals of improvement in all of these areas. Thus, we can then revitalize our retirements by growing and improving as individuals by getting older. Like fine wine, we can become better with age!

5) Leave A Legacy!
Baby Boomers are some of the most educated people who can pass along specific training as well as knowledge. Also this generation has the strong ability “to think outside of the box” as it did by creating the civil rights movement and women’s rights movement while also helping to end the Vietnam War. Ultimate happiness comes with the expression of our own knowledge as we “pass along a bit of ourselves to others”. This process can happen through creating legacies like sharing knowledge, creating, writing, memoirs, mentoring, teaching, and giving or being of service to others. The possibilities for expressing legacies are bountiful and endless.

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